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All of the articles below have been written and published by Karen Shaw

Article-waterThe Season of Water
This is a brief article on the water element. The water element is one of the aspects of the five elements in the Chinese medical system. I am a practitioner of acupressure, which is a hands-on method of bodywork, focused on the Chinese medical system. In the Chinese tradition, the five elements—Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth—are the dynamic qualities of Nature in life. Each element is ... More

Article-woodThe Season of Wood
Wood is the name the Chinese use to describe the energy of Springtime. Wood is the essence of the Spring energy. Observe what is around us now: instead of barren tree forms, there are now limbs, soft, pliable and bright green. Some have burst into magnificent blossom almost overnight. This is the intensity of the Wood energy; that overnight ... More

Article-fireThe Season of Fire
The sun does follow rain, the deepest darkest Winter gives way to Spring and Summer. The same sun cycle shows up in each of us. The Sun—Summer’s Fire—is inside each of us, too, and will show itself after life’s cold seasons and storms. If we tend to ourselves well ... More

Article-earthThe Season of Earth
Earth is the name the Chinese give to the energy of Late Summer. it is the Energy of the “Long Summer” that brings all of life to harvest. In some ancient texts the Earth time of year is the last 15 days of each season and as such, each seasonal transition, the Energy is said to come to “Center” before transforming ... More

Article-metalThe Season of Metal
Metal is the element of the season of Autumn. Metal is the inspiration, the breathing into our physical bodies the “Gift of Anterior Heaven” upon our birth, our first breath. Metal is concerned with first and last moments, entrances and exitings, inspiration and closure. It is the quality of what our lives can hold and become. The stillpoint of Earth gives way ... More

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